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Young colonial militiamen exchange fire against British redcoats at sunrise in this painting.
Choosing sides

As tensions finally came to a head on the battlefields of Lexington and Concord, the people near and around the Thirteen Colonies needed to decide whether to pledge loyalty to the Patriot forces or the British.

"Life of George Washington - The Farmer" by Junius Stearns shows Washington standing among African-American field workers harvesting grain; Mount Vernon in the background.
Freedom and Slavery

While revolutionaries fought for freedom from British tyranny and oppression during the American Revolution, this war did not guarantee freedom for all.

Modern-day Legacy

The visages of the American Revolution can still be seen today in the United States, either in the names of towns, state parks, and roads or in the memorials commemorating the men and women who fought for American independence.  

Revolutionary War Charleston
Post-War Life

Once the Patriot forces had won the war and the soldiers had gone home from the battlefields, the whole nation needed to find a way to move forward.

Landscape painting of women at an encampment feeding soldiers
Roles in the army

While war is generally associated with mighty armies fighting on battlefields, thousands of others had just as important roles, supporting and aiding the war effort.