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Thayendanegea observes the failed British assault on Fort Carillon in 1758, and serves as a scout on the expedition against Fort Niagara.
Sir William Johnson, the Superintendent of Indian Affairs for the northern colonies choses Thayendanegea as one of several Mohawks sent to attend Moor's Charity School in Connecticut
George Washington purchases the slave that would come to be called Harry Washington
Feb 10Treaty of Paris ends the French and Indian War.
Apr 5-9Parliament passes the Sugar Act.
Button Gwinnett leaves England for Georgia.
Mar 22Parliament passes the Stamp Act (goes into effect Nov 1).
Mar 18Parliament repeals Stamp Act, passes the Declaratory Act.
Faith Trumbull marries Jedidiah Huntington.
May 29Parliament passes the Townshend Acts.
Button Gwinnett is elected to the Georgia General Assembly.
May 1Daniel Boone begins his exploration of what will become Kentucky.
Nov 1Spanish explorers become the first Europeans to reach San Francisco Bay.
Mar 5The Boston Massacre
Apr 12Parliament repeals the Townshend Acts.
Winsor Fry's owner wills him to his youngest son.
May 10Parliament passes the Tea Act.
Dec 10The Boston Tea Party
Mar-JunParliament passes the Coercive Acts.
Lucy Flucker marries Henry Knox.
Sep-OctFirst Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
Thomas Brown establishes the settlement of Brownsborough near Augusta, Georgia.
Faith Trumbull Huntington visits her husband in Roxbury Massachusetts before the Battle of Bunker Hill.Dearborn's militia unit marched to join the Patriot forces besieging Boston.Lucy and Henry Knox crossed over to the rebel camp.
May 10Second Continental Congress meets in Philadelphia.
Thomas Brown joins a loyalist counter-association after the Georgia Provincial Congress votes to join the Continental Association.A patriot mob attacks and violently tortures loyalist Thomas Brown when he refuses to join their cause.Winsor Fry enlists in the patriot forces.Virginia’s colonial governor Lord Dunmore issues a proclamation offering freedom to able-bodied men enslaved by rebellious colonistsBrant travels to London and meets King George III and members of the British government. They promise to safeguard Indigenous lands in exchange for support against the colonists.Faith Trumbull Huntington hangs herself in her bedroom.Christopher Greene is captured during the assault on Quebec
Kirkwood received an officer's commission in the Delaware Regiment.
Jan 10Thomas Paine’s Common Sense is published.
Button Gwinnett leaves Georgia for Philadelphia to represent the colony in the Second Continental Congress.
Jul 2-4Continental Congress approves and begins to sign the Declaration of Independence.
Button Gwinnett signs the Declaration of Independence.Stephen Tainter joins his first Massachusetts militia unit
Bernardo de Gálvez becomes governor of Spanish-controlled LouisianaMichel Capitaine du Chesnoy arrives in Charleston, South Carolina.Dearborn received his parole and was exchanged.St. Leger begins to march east from Fort Oswego through the Oneida homeland.
Jun 14Congress passes the Flag Resolution.
Button Gwinnett meets Lachlan McIntosh for a duel. Gwinnett ultimately succumbs to his injuries.Brant's volunteers join Lieutenant Colonel Barry St. Leger's expedition.Christopher Greene is released and promoted to colonel.The siege at Fort Stanwix leads Han Yerry Tewahangaraghkan and his warriors to join the Patriot relief effort.Herkimer's reinforcements, including Han Yerry Tewahangaraghkan and his wife Tyonajanegan, are ambushed at Oriskany.Peggy Shippen is thrust into politics when British forces occupy Philadelphia after the battle of Brandywine.Stephen Tainter is with General Gate's army when General Burgoyne surrenders at Saratoga.
NovCongress drafts the Articles of Confederation.
WinterWashington and the Continental Army winter at Valley Forge.
Winsor Fry falls ill during the harsh winter at Valley Forge, but ultimately survives.
Bernardo de Gálvez gives refuge to American troops as they launch a raid into British-held Florida
Feb 6Treaty of Amity and Commerce and the Treaty of Alliance.
Han Yerry Tewahangaraghkan and his warriors join George Washington's army at Valley Forge.Han Yerry Tewahangaraghkan and his warriors fight in the Battle of Barren Hill under the command of the Marquis de Lafayette.The British Army retreats from Philadelphia, Peggy Shippen's hometown.Lucy bonded with Martha Washington at Valley Forge.Stephen Tainter witnesses the battle of Rhode Island, the first Franco-American operation of the war.The 1st Rhode Island Regiment participates in the Battle of Rhode Island.British troops conquer Georgia leading Thomas Brown to raise the King's Rangers.
Thayendanegea Brant received a British rank and salary as "Captain of the Northern Confederated Indians."Michel Capitaine du Chesnoy returns to France with Lafayette to encourage greater support for the American cause.Han Yerry Tewahangaraghkan is comissioned as a captain by CongressPeggy Shippen marries American General Benedict Arnold.
Jun 21Spain issues a formal declaration of war against Great Britain
King Charles III declares war making de Gálvez responsible for managing the Spanish war effort in North America.Sarah Osborn witnesses Mohawk Chief Joseph Brant and British loyalists engage patriot militia at the Battle of MinisinkThomas Brown's King's Rangers help defend Savannah from a patriot siege.
Michel Capitaine du Chesnoy returns to America with Lafayette.Winsor Fry is sentenced to be executed for theft, but escapes from custody.The Culper Spy Ring secretly uncovers a message revealing that an American general is plotting with John André to help the British Army take control of West Point.Benedict Arnold meets John André and hands over maps and diagrams of West Point. André is caught two days later. Winsor Fry is recaptured, but George Washington consents to his pardon.A letter is discovered connecting Peggy Shippen to Benedict Arnold's plot.
Kirkwood marched to the Cowpens, and on the 17th defeated Tarleton.The 1st and 2nd Rhode Island Regiments are consolidated into a single regiment.Spanish forces led by Bernardo de Gálvez take Pensacola after a two-month siege.Christopher Greene is killed after a attack by De Lancey's Volunteers, perhaps especially aggressively due to his leadership of an integrated regiment.Thomas Brown and the King's Rangers surrender to patriot forces at the Siege of Augusta
Oct 19Cornwallis surrenders his army to Washington after the Siege of Yorktown.
Sarah Osborn watches the defeated British army marching out of Yorktown.Michel Capitaine du Chesnoy departs America for good, returning to France with Lafayette.
Harry Washington is evacuated to New York City as the remaining British troops organize their withdrawal
Harry Washington leaves for a settlement in Nova Scotia (likely timeframe)
Sep 3Treaty of Paris formally ends the American Revolution
Dec 23Washington resigns his commission as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army
Winsor Fry musters out of service at the war's end in 1783
Bernardo de Gálvez dies of yellow fever.
May 25Constitutional Convention begins in Philadelphia
Sep 17First draft of the Constitution is approved.
Kirkwood joined the army at Fort Washington under Maj. Gen. Arthur St. Clair.
Winsor Fry applies for a pension, with the support of seven men.
Winsor Fry applies for and is finally granted a pension worth $8 per month.